Our History

Our History

Comercializadora de Rodamientos y Autopartes, S.A., CORAPSA, wasn't created overnight. It’s the result of our expertise and knowledge of the bearings and auto parts market in Mexico.

We started as a wholesaler of multinational brands auto parts. We know what all the different regions and states of Mexico are like, from Tijuana to Reynosa, Cancun, Cozumel and Campeche.

We focused on the auto parts import business and, at the same time, we learned which products our customers needed. This led us to specialize in the field of bearings.

We have kept abreast of how the various types of bearings have evolved, not only automotive bearings but also for the farming and industrial markets.

With this in-depth knowledge we acquired of the bearings market in Mexico, we began manufacturing our own brand: AMB. Success was instantaneous. AMB Bearings and Spare Parts met with the acceptance of our clients and the demand rapidly ballooned.

With over 50 sales reps all over the country and more than 4,000 customers, we can safely say that AMB’s success is based on four basic features:

  • Quality in all our product lines
  • Competitive prices
  • Speedy response time and delivery
  • Variety of lines and bearings

We offer quality to match that of the major international brands at competitive prices for the Mexican market, giving our clients a greater profit margin.

Besides, our knowledge of the market allows us to anticipate their needs for spare parts and to have the right bearings and auto parts at the right time.

Over the years and in response to the increasing demand for bearings and spare parts for the automotive, agricultural and light industry markets, we have continued to increase our list of products.

That’s why when it comes to prices, quality, service and variety, CORAPSA is the choice for Bearings and Auto Parts manufacturing and sales in Mexico.