AMB Oil Seals

At CORAPSA we have an extensive line of bearings and sealing rings that provide solutions to a large number of automotive, agriculture and industrial applications. Our AMB Oil Seals and auto parts in different sizes and applications comply with optimal performance, working life and resistance requirements.

Oil Seals are protection elements used to avoid leakage of lubricant and the possible obstructions caused by foreign bodies or particles.

These seals are fundamental for the adequate performance of a bearing as they provide a critical function to maintain the lubricant clean and therefore increase the bearing's working life. The Oil Seal and the Bearing form an integrated system.

Oil Seals can be manufactured with different materials, including nitrile, Viton®, acrylate and silicone. The quality of these materials provides resistance to high temperatures, oils and corrosion.

Functions of the Oil Seals:

  • They restrict the passage of contaminants into the machine which could cause problems in the bearing's operation.
  • They keep the lubricant inside the bearing so it can work adequately.
  • They avoid two liquids from two different compartments to mix.
  • They avoid the escape of working gases or liquids.
  • They maintain the differences in pressure.

Some important features to consider when selecting a Oil Seals are: The outer diameter, inner and top chamfer, contact surface, seal edge and seal lips.

Oil Seals must have an adequate performance with minimum friction and wear, including in hard working conditions. To comply with these requirements, AMB Oil Seals and AMB Oil Seals Metric Type are commercialized in various designs and materials, depending on your specific application.