AMB Clutch Release Bearings

At CORAPSA we have an extensive line of automotive bearings, including a number of AMB Clutch Release Bearings models for various auto makes and types.

We feature a wide range of sizes and clutch release bearing types for automobiles, vans, trucks, tractors and buses.

The clutch bearing, also called the clutch release bearing and clutch "throw out" bearing, is used in the clutch’s disengaging system. It consists on an axially sliding ball bearing.

The job of the Clutch Release Bearing is to disengage the engine from the gearbox when releasing the pressure plate from the clutch disc. When the clutch pedal is depressed, the clutch release bearing presses against the diaphragm and consequently the pressure plate disengages the disc from the clutch and the clutch release bearing rotates with the pressure plate. This plate rotates at the engine's speed and therefore the clutch release bearing must withstand both high speeds and heavy loads.

The clutch release bearing must also adapt if the spin axle of the gearbox is misaligned.

Because of the important work it performs, the clutch release bearing must allow high speeds at maximum loads, providing a long working life of reliable performance and at the same time reduce noise and vibrations.

The different types of automotive AMB Clutch Release Bearings include sealing systems to maintain pollutants outside and the lubrication inside the bearing. For more information on these and other car accessories and their application, please visit our help and technical support section or learn more about our AMB Clutch Release Bearings specifications.