AMB Tensioner or Idler Pulley

We provide a wide variety of pulleys and bearings for AMB Tensioner or Idler Pulley in an ample selection of types and sizes for various American, European and Japanese auto makes, as well as buses and trucks.

As a result of new engine designs, shorter belts have been replaced by longer belts that require Tensioner Bearings and Tensioner or Idler Pulley designed to provide the adequate tension.

In order to comply with these requirements, CORAPSA has a line of AMB Tensioner or Idler Pulley manufactured with the specifications and materials to ensure an optimal performance and working life.

The Idler Pulley or Tensioner Pulley is an auto part used to tense the car’s engine belts. Its function is fundamental in its performance and if the tension is not correct, the engine can be damaged.

This auto pulley is called tensioner pulley because when placed on the belt it increases its tension for an adequate adjustment, so even though the idler pulley doesn't move any axle, it has an important tensioning function for the engine and is used to link the belts and provide tension, multiplying the belts speeds and changing the force direction.

AMB Tensioner or Idler Pulley offer the following advantages:

  • They have been designed as spare parts for specific car models and makes.
  • The pressure provided by the idler pulley or tensioner pulley improves the engine’s efficiency.
  • They endure the engine’s high temperatures.
  • They keep the belt’s adequate tension.
  • They produce lower vibration and therefore increase the belts’ working life and of other critical engine parts.
  • They provide a wide range of auto and truck applications.
  • Please visit our AMB Tensioner or Idler Pulley specifications  for more information on their various applications.