AMB Power Take Off (PTO)

At CORAPSA we feature an extensive line of AMB Power Take Off (PTO) Yokes for the automotive and agriculture industries, specifically for heavy duty trucks and tractors.

We have a variety of Power Take Off (PTO) Yokes in different sizes and features for your convenience, including:

  • With 1/4 and 5/16 keyway
  • With one long and one short yoke
  • Long, with square shafting
  • Short, with square shafting.

These Power Take Off (PTO) Yokes complement our product line for power transmission, such as our AMB Universal Joints.

Power Take Off (PTO) Yokes transfer power to an implement or accessory in a truck or tractor. As its name indicates, the power take off allows these implements to use the engine's power to perform a desired task. The rotation speed of the power take off yoke will depend on the engine's rotation. A higher engine speed will result in a higher speed of the power take off yoke.

The transmission in a truck can have one or several places where the power take off yoke can be mounted, such as the gearbox, engine or a secondary shaft.

When selecting a Power Take Off (PTO) Yoke it is important to be sure it is compatible with the transmission system of your heavy-duty truck or tractor.

Our Power Take Off (PTO) Yokes can be adapted to different applications. For more information about these applications and our selection of sizes, please visit our help and technical support section and our AMB Power Take Off (PTO) Yokes specifications.