AMB Center Support and Cardan Shaft Bearings

CORAPSA's bearings for automotive applications include our extensive range of Cardan Shaft Bearings for various auto, truck and tractor makes.

We have an ample variety of supports and bearings for cardan type central transmissions. Cardan Shafts are used to transfer movement in rear wheel drive vehicles with the engine in front.

AMB Center Support and Cardan Shaft Bearings are supplied for a variety of specifications in:

  • Cardan Shaft Bearings and Support for various auto makes.
  • Cardan Shaft Bearings with for trucks and tractors.

These cardan shaft bearings include deep-grooved radial ball bearings.

Radial ball bearings, also known as rigid ball bearings or deep-grooved bearings, have a deep groove in the inner and outer rings and can therefore carry radial and axial loads in any direction.

Other advantages offered by this type of bearings are their low torque, easy lubrication and high speed.

AMB Cardan Shaft Bearings are available in a wide range of sizes suited to specific applications and auto makes. They can be supplied with caps and center support.

For more information on the complete line of CORAPSA's auto bearings, please visit our AMB Center Support and Cardan Shaft Bearings specifications section.