AMB Pillow Blocks and Insert Ball Bearings

A bearing unit features a bearing –which can be a spherical roller bearing, taper roller bearing or ball bearing–, a seal and housing. Our AMB Pillow Blocks  are designed to meet the needs of the Automotive, Agriculture and Light Industry sectors. We also provide an extensive supply of AMB Insert Ball Bearings.

AMB Pillow Blocks are integrated units that combine a ball bearing with an extended inner ring and high grade cast iron or pressed steel, in various shapes and sizes, and a housing.

The purpose of the AMB Pillow Blocks is to provide support to the axes or shafts, support their weight, guide their rotation and avoid slipping.

AMB Pillow Blocks have a spherical outer rolling surface and inner surface, making the unit self-aligning and supporting some axial movement, which helps avoid the thermal expansion of the axle.

Our Pillow Blocks can be bolted to a machine's body and its inner ring, or they can be mounted on the shaft with fixing bolts. This way the Pillow Block can be used in rotating equipment without the need of a special mounting design.

AMB Pillow Blocks provide the added advantage that they can be easily installed and uninstalled, facilitating the maintenance process in Light Industry machinery applications. Mounting and dismounting is done easily and quickly.

AMB Pillow Blocks can be maintenance free or relubricatable, depending on their specific application.

CORAPSA has an extensive line of various types of Pillow Blocks for different applications in a variety of sizes, including Farming Pillow Blocks for packing equipment, Wall Mounted Pillow Blocks, Flange Type Pillow Blocks and Tensioner Pillow Blocks.