AMB Insert Ball Bearings

At CORAPSA we have a wide variety of in various sizes that complement our AMB Pillow Blocks line.

The UC, SA and HC series AMB Insert Ball Bearings are supplied in different sizes, starting at ¾ of an inch.

Our product line includes Insert Ball Bearings for Farming Equipment, such as our 1 inch eccentric collar cylindrical Insert Ball Bearings.

We also supply the Mcmaguill type Insert Ball Bearings.

Insert Ball Bearings can be securely fitted to the shaft by different methods and usually cannot be exchangeable between brands.

There are different methods of fitting to the shaft:

  • With ball-end set screws located on the inner ring. They are used in common working applications that don't require high speeds or vibration, such as the UC series.
  • With an eccentric locking collar installed on the side of the inner ring rotating in the same direction as the shaft. These are used in applications with heavier loads and higher speeds.
  • With a tapered bore adapter or sleeve. This option is used in high-speed, high-vibration applications.

For more information please visit our AMB Insert Ball Bearings specifications.