AMB Oil Seals

As leaders of auto spare parts in Mexico, at CORAPSA we feature an ample range of Oil Seals depending on your specific needs.

AMB Oil Seals are designed for a wide variety of auto applications, both for cars and trucks. Applications include front and rear wheel drive, hydraulic steering, gear selector, automatic transmission, tachometer, water pump, standard transmission, transmission and pinion, manual transmission, among many others, for major vehicle makes.

This extensive line of AMB Oil Seals includes Farming and Light Industry applications.

The selection process of a Oil Seals is determined by its working conditions.

Some of these considerations are:

  • Type of lubrication or fluids sealed
  • Movement, including direction of the rotation
  • Sliding speed of contact surfaces
  • Alignment between moving and fixed parts
  • Vertical or horizontal seating of seal ring
  • Environmental and mechanical conditions.

The consideration of all these elements will help to adequately match the Oil Seal to your special needs. Its design and interaction of the contact media will influence its performance and working life.

It is important to consider other conditions that can also affect performance, for example, a misalignment between the shaft and the housing bore or an unbalanced shaft.

Don't hesitate to ask us if you have any question regarding our Oil Seals line. Our help and technical advice section will be happy to help you determine the optimal selection for your specific application. For more information about our variety of products and different applications, please visit our AMB Oil Seals specifications.