AMB Constant Velocity Joints

Our wide selection of auto parts at CORAPSA includes our extensive line of AMB Constant Velocity Joints for various auto models and makes.

The Constant Velocity Joint, also known as universal joint, is an integral part of the front traction system, fundamental in the car's safety when in motion. At CORAPSA we know of the critical importance of this part and therefore every Constant Velocity Joint we commercialize is designed according to the specifications of the different auto models and makes it will be used with.

The most common car configuration used today is the front engine with front-wheel drive. This configuration doesn't use a Cardan Shaft and power is transmitted through the Constant Velocity Joints.

The Constant Velocity Joint transfers the power from the engine to the wheels, maintains an equal rotation between both wheels and enables the suspension and steering movements.

This Constant Velocity Joint is a complex piece. Its function is to connect two non-continuous axes arranged lengthwise with a joint, which allows both axes to rotate together at the same speed. In a car, the Constant Velocity Joint is connected to the Wheel Hub assembly. It is formed by a bell with steel balls, a ring called cage and an inner ring with raceways. This ring is connected to the transmission axis, carrying the engine's torque to the wheel.

Constant Velocity Joints must endure very severe working conditions as they act when a car takes a curve or falls into a pothole and each wheel moves independently. Because of these movements, the axes and joints must elongate or shorten. Each Constant Velocity Joint must continuously carry these upwards and downward movements, as well as to both sides.

AMB Constant Velocity Joints meet the heavy demands these parts must endure and at the same time provide greater flexibility to the car during its motion, transferring the engine's power to the wheels and dampening vibrations when driving.

For more information on these and other car parts commercialized by CORAPSA, we invite you to visit our help and technical support section and our AMB Constant Velocity Joints specifications.