AMB Wheel Hubs

At CORAPSA we commercialize a large number of auto parts and automotive application bearings. This extensive line of auto spare parts includes our AMB Wheel Hubs which are designed to endure an efficient operation during a long working life.

We provide an extensive line of auto Wheel Hubs for front and rear drive wheels, as well as our wheel hubs with integrated double row ball bearings for various auto makes.

These bearings have the added advantage of being prelubricated and have a high load capacity.

The Wheel Hub, as an integral part of the wheel, is fundamental to a vehicle’s suspension and traction. It supports the brake disc or drum and this is where the wheel’s bolts and bearing are mounted.

AMB Wheel Hubs are built to withstand the wheel’s high temperatures that result from the high speeds and pavement friction. They also resist impacts caused by road bumps and potholes.

A Wheel Hub’s functions are:

  • Support the vehicle’s movement by transferring the traction from the transmission to the wheel through the Constant-Velocity Joint. The Wheel Hub transfers the torque from the Constant-Velocity Joint to the wheels.
  • Helps the car brake by performing an opposite action to its motion.
  • Reduce the friction between the Constant-Velocity Joint and the Wheel. To this purpose it uses a Bearing that is inserted in the Wheel Hub’s assembly.

When installing the Wheel Hub it is important that you check the following:

  • Correctly place the Wheel Hub on its mount.
  • Verify its torque.
  • Confirm that the knuckles, steering rods, shock absorbers and Constant-Velocity Joints are in good working conditions.

For more information on the various applications of our Wheel Hubs visit our AMB Wheel Hubs specifications.