AMB Universal Joints, Power Take Off (PTO) & Industrial Roller Chains

At CORAPSA we feature for your convenience a wide variety of automotive, farming and industrial accessories and spare parts to transmit torque and power, such as our line of AMB Universal Joints, Power Take Off (PTO) Yokes and Industrial Roller Chains.

The basic function of our auto, truck, tractor and industrial equipment accessories is to efficiently support power transfer from one point to another.

Our line of AMB Universal Joints is designed to support the transmission system's operation. We have Universal Joints for a wide selection of cars, light trucks, pick-ups, trucks and other vehicles such as:

  • Gasoline and diesel fuel heavy-duty trucks
  • Trucks: reinforced with inside lock
  • Trucks: with outer lock
  • Double wheel trucks
  • American, European and Japanese passenger cars
  • Four-wheel drive vehicles
  • Agricultural vehicles
  • Trailers, commercial trucks and light trucks
  • Conversion kits.

This extensive line of power transmission parts and universal joints are complemented with our AMB Power Take Off (PTO) Yokes manufactured to resist the hard work power transfer systems must endure, including in heavy-duty trucks and tractors.

Our line of AMB Industrial Roller Chains meets your light industry and farming applications, such as our roller chains for farming applications in different sizes and specifications, and our chain on reel for industrial applications.

For more information about these and all of CORAPSA's product line, please visit our help and technical advice section.