AMB Oil Seals Metric Type

We feature an extensive line of AMB Oil Seals Metric Type for automotive and agriculture applications.

When selecting a Oil Seal it is important to consider the auto part it will be used with and the auto or truck make.

Basically, there are two types of Oil Seals in the auto industry:

  • Rubber encased sealing ring. This is the most commonly used Oil Seal. Its elasticity provides a better fit which allows for lower tolerances, higher roughness y higher expansion margin. It doesn't produce oxide and protects against corrosion.
  • Double Lip Oil Seals. Are used for greater protection. It is important to oil or grease both sides in this type of Oil Seals, as a seal that is running dry will reduce the operating life of the bearing.

To ensure the optimal performance of the Oil Seals the shaft and the seating in the housing bore must be considered.

The shaft must have a smooth finish –free from scratches or tool marks–, have the adequate hardness and roundness, and a balanced rotation.

The seating for the Oil Seal must have a chamfer on the housing bore and smooth finish to allow a precise fit with the shaft.

The working life of a Oil Seal in a specific application is determined by the components that affect the Oil Seal and its manufacturing materials.

For more information about the extensive line of Oil Seals we have at CORAPSA, please visit our AMB Millimetrical Oil Seals specifications.