AMB Standard and Oversized Water Pump Bearings

Technology innovations in the manufacturing of Bearings, and the sealing rings used with these bearings, have led to the design of more efficient bearings for water pumps used to cool an engine.

At CORAPSA we have a wide range of AMB Standard and Oversized Water Pump Bearings for major vehicle makes and other applications such as tractors and forklifts.

The evolution in sealing rings has significantly increased reliability and life of these bearings.

AMB Water Pump Bearings help increase the engine's thermal efficiency, a critical feature for engine manufacturers that wish to offer lower fuel consumption and longer working life.

The water pump is part of the engine’s cooling system. When the engine is operating, temperature increases resulting from the combustion heat. The cooling system is in charge of lowering the temperature of the engine’s parts and avoids overheating.

The water cooling system uses a liquid coolant circled by the water pump. The pump is located in front of the cylinder block.

AMB Water Pump Bearings support the optimal performance of the cooling system helping provide a more stable cooling, the engine’s quiet operation and a longer working life.

At CORAPSA we have an extensive line that provides solutions for the AutomotiveAgricultural and Light Industries. For more information about the variety of bearings we have to offer, review the specifications for our AMB Standard and Oversized Water Pump Bearings.