AMB Pillow Blocks

CORAPSA offers a complete line of AMB Pillow Blocks and Insert Ball Bearings for the automotive, light industry and agriculture sector needs. AMB Pillow Blocks are supplied in standard sizes, various dimensions and different shapes to meet the needs of a number of applications, including Flor Mounted Pillow Blocks, Wall Mounted Pillow Blocks and Tensioner Pillow Blocks.

The different types of AMB Pillow Blocks include:

  • ½ inch Pillow Blocks
  • ¾ and 1 inch Farming Pillow Blocks for packing equipment
  • Wall Mounted Pillow Blocks with 1 square flange and 3 holes
  • ¾ inch Wall Mounted Pillow Blocks
  • Flange Type Wall Mounted Pillow Blocks
  • Tensioner Pillow Blocks
  • Tensioner Bearing with wide groove.

Our wide range of UCP series Pillow Blocks provide a series of different size pillow blocks.

The UCF series Wall Mounted Pillow Blocks are supplied in various designs and sizes and can be adapted for different applications.

The UCT series AMB Tensioner Pillow Blocks are designed for belt conveyors, manufactured in ¾ and 1 inch sizes. We also have a 13.5 millimeter wide groove tensioner bearing unit.

For more information about our whole line of Pillow Blocks , please visit our AMB Pillow Blocks specifications.