AMB Tapered Roller Bearings

CORAPSA has the Tapered Roller Bearings for a number of industrial, automotive and agricultural applications.

Tapered Roller bearings have a detachable design, with the inner ring and rolling elements separable from the outer ring, making its mounting easier. They basically consist of an inner ring, or cone, with the roller assembly with its cage and an outer ring or cup. The rollers are placed between the raceways of the inner and outer rings. These tapereded raceways, when prolonged, join on one same point on the rolling axle.

The characteristic design of Tapered Roller Bearings allows them to meet great performance demands. The tapereded rollers are guided by the combined forces of the inner and outer raceways. As they receive these forces from the inner and outer rings, tapered roller bearings can support combined radial and thrust forces. At a larger contact angle, the roller can support a higher thrust force.

Another advantage of Tapered Roller Bearings is that they provide a smooth movement of the rollers on the raceways.

The tapereded rollers in these type of bearings allow some movement between the cone and cup, therefore reducing friction between these elements, meanwhile the cage, or separable element, sets the distance and fixes the rolling elements in the correct position.

Measurements that must be considered in a Tapered Roller Bearing are:

  • Outer diameter of outer ring or cup.
  • Cup width.
  • Inner diameter of inner ring or cone.
  • Cone width.

The outer diameter of the cup and cup width are needed to adjust the bearing to the cage.

The cone's inner diameter must be correct to mount the bearing on the axle.

At CORAPSA out technical support personnel can give you additional information on the different types of bearings and specifications for our AMB Tapered Roller Bearings, and help you select among the extensive line of spare parts and number of solutions we have in our Automotive and Agricultural sectors Bearings.