AMB Tripode

The tripod is a piece in the form of a three-point star which in the center has a knurled hole and at its 3 ends has a roller bearing type, this piece is part of the inner CV joint.

In CORAPSA we work with tripods for different makes and models of cars. We commercialize AMB Tripods that meet the needs of customers who do not require a new CV joint.

The AMB Tripods are a hot forged piece that consists of a circular body with three stumps placed 120 degrees apart. All stumps are machined and rectified after heat treatment, and the body has a splined hole. It may also be that it presents labeled rings in its extremes, especially in high-end cars.

The AMB Tripod works placed on the tip of a semi axis- Piece used in vehicles with front-wheel drive - whose function is to transmit the rotational movement of the wheel from the gearbox. It goes into a piece called frequently tulip, shaped as a tripod inside to allow sliding therein; the set of aforementioned parts form a kind of bearing race. This sliding allows the semi axis to move in ascending and descending forms not letting it be rigid - Condition necessary for the transmission and suspension of a car.


The AMB Tripods are a new solution to an ancient problem of power transmission that traditional gimbals could not solve: Vibration in demanding geometrical conditions.

The Tripods do not get any preventive maintenance. A careful inspection and test drive are sufficient to detect flaws in the mechanism.

The most common faults are:

  • Breakage in the CV joint protector also known as dust guard, which is easy to observe.
  • Wear of contact surfaces. This failure has symptoms that are easily confused with those of other failures.

For more information about the different applications and measures of our Tripods, see our specifications for AMB Tripod.