AMB 6000 Series Ball Bearing

Ball bearings are commonly used for high-speed operations and low loads. Because of their low friction, CORAPSA’s AMB 6000 Series Ball Bearings are suited for high speeds.

The 6000 Series are single row Deep Groove Ball Bearings can carry an important radial load and a moderated axial load. These bearings are suitable for systems where the axial stiffness is not important, such as high-precision and high-speed electric motors.

Single row deep groove ball bearings are suited for many applications for the Automotive and Light Industry sectors. Its applications include precision appliances, low noise motors, cars, motorcycles and general machinery.

The 6000 Series are the most typical single row ball bearings.

Some of the features of single row deep groove 6000 Series ball bearings are:

  • Can carry an important radial load
  • Low friction rate
  • Suited for high-rotating speeds
  • Low potency loss
  • Various prelubricated seals
  • Low vibration
  • Low torque (pair)
  • Simple structure
  • Low manufacturing cost.

Because of their features and price, deep groove ball bearings are widely used.

These bearings have different sizes and types, and weights. For more information about our wide range of ball bearings, consult our AMB 6000 Series specifications.